Da mensole a casa delle bambole di design, guest post su Faccio e Disfo – DIY from shelf to design dollhouse

Per mesi mi sono chiesta se per mia figlia fosse arrivato il momento giusto per una casa delle bambole, ma si sa: dopo qualche anno le mamme diventano estremamente diffidenti di fronte ai giochi ingombranti e pieni di pezzetti. Pensa che ti ripensa ho trovato la soluzione perfetta: ho creato una casa delle bambole riciclosa, bella come un quadro, comoda da usare e poco ingombrate… come? Ve lo racconto oggi su uno dei blog che più adoro, Faccio e Disfo. Quale modo migliore di cominciare la settimana se non andare a trovare un’amica speciale?! Vi aspetto!

My little girl is about to turn two. I’ve been wondering for a while if she’s old enough for a dollhouse, but I was scared of getting another toy and its pieces lying around in the kids’ room. Then, when we moved to the new house and I was wondering how to hang the stuff we had in the old one, I realized than I could use the shadow boxes I made two years ago to create a hanging dollhouse!

For this project you’ll need shelfs of course, and then painting, scrapbooking paper, nails, hammer, masking tape, rulers, and a bubble level to make sure you’re fixing everything parallel to floor. I wrote this post as a guestpost for Faccio e Disfo, so if you would like to see more pictures, please follow this link.

First for all, take your measures and draw carefully your project. If your kids are older (and taller!) you can choose a wider arrangement. Fix the tape on the wall to delimit the house, then paint.
Once the color is dry, remove the tape and measure where to hang the boxes. To keep the silhouette clean, I drew my signs on some pieces of tape that I removed once the nails where in. Unfortunately our walls are so hard that we had to use the drill, so the final result wasn’t as precise as I hoped.
Before hanging the shelfs I cut some squares of scrapbooking paper, and fix them on the back of my boxes with hot glue.

I love this house: it is at the right high for my kids, and well visible, so they play with it a lot more than if it would just be lying on the ground. Moreover, it looks beautiful: it’s like a ‘living’ painting, and looks great even when it’s messy.
You can really make this project your own and adapt it to your needs: vary the size, color and background paper; and if you’re looking for more inspiration don’t forget to check the Pinterest board where I collect ideas for DIY houses – and if you like, I would be happy to see what you created!

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