Hi! I’m still here

Hi, how are you doing? We didn’t meet for a while. And the break wasn’t plan so I was so unkind to just leave my blog unattended. That’s because I always wanted to come back: in a week, in two weeks, in a month; and in the meantime the hours just passed by and, yes, it’s already October.

What I’ve been doing? Mainly working, too be honest. Most of you don’t know that I’m also a translator. I don’t work on a regular basis and I’m not actively looking for stuff to do, but when I have a chance I really don’t like to say no. And I am really lucky because I have a lot to do with plays and books, and I’ve never had to deal with boring fridge instructions.

I closed my August in the Italian countryside arguing for hours every day with a stupid connection that wouldn’t work, then jumped right away in my second intensive language course of German, while I was still translating from French. It has been quite something. But I met some great people, and learned a lot. So it was worth it.

I’m tired but I feel great. I am glad the leaves are falling down - that’s the most wonderful season of the year - and I’m ready to give shape to all the plans I have in mind. More stones and drawings, but not only that. I can already tell you that the blog will have to move. That there will be a shop in these pages, a gallery, finally even an ‘About’ page. One change is already on, did you notice it?

This is the first time that I am writing only in English. Sorry, I had to choose. I was not able to keep up with two languages. My posts have always been spontaneous and enthusiastic, but as soon as I started translating my own words I’ve been losing all the fun along the way. I had to choose, or this place would have just died. And – I’m so sorry – there was no chance to go back to Italian-only: my public has changed thanks to my activity, and I couldn’t just leave half of my world out of the door. So that’s it, and I hope my old public will be so nice to follow me anyway (I swear I will still answer to your Italian comments in Italian!).

Of course I’ve been also asking myself if I should change the topics of this blog and, though I’m still asking if I should keep on calling myself ‘Mammabook’ or not, I am glad to tell you that from this point of view nothing will change. I can’t fit in one definition, and my blog can’t do it either. I’ll just keep on following my mood – it’s the only way to keep these pages real.

So… what’s next?

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