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In my 2015 to do list there was the promise to draw a lot more. I must say that I wasn’t too bad, and that I gave life to a lot of images in these months.

Drawing is at the same time hard and liberating for me – like when you try to be a child again: you like to play, but you’re scared you don’t remember how to do it anymore. I was always good with my pencils, but somehow my skill was considered not useful for my ‘grown-up’ life. I told you already, I’ve been just ignoring drawing for years and years (unless when I was bored).

I do have fears, exactly like a serious adult with a toy car in his hands. My biggest fear is to find out that it is too late: that I can’t learn anymore what I could have learn if I would have been just a little bit more self-confident before. I am scared to take my pen and to not succeed in making what I have in my mind. I am scared to be considered a simple amateur, just because I never studied what I do as an artist.

©Valigia a due piazze

Amazingly, fears go away as soon as I lift my pen. I forget about them, I don’t care. Drawing makes me feel so happy. And then. Then I see what I made and I tell my self that yes, it was worth doing it. Every sheet and every stone takes me a step further, further away from worries, further up to what I want to be.

I did it again. I always tell myself ‘see that you write a short post now, and don’t be too poetical’. Well, I guess I can’t. But let me take you to what I wanted to say at the beginning: now that I lost some fears on the way, I’m finally working on downloadable contents for the shop.

I am so excited about it: I can offer useful and beautiful drawings within seconds, and keep the price so low because I can sell it again and again. I can reach everyone. And it is so nice to just buy something and get it right away, even if it is online, isn’t it?


Your response has been really positive, I even got encouraging messages from Etsy sellers I don’t know! And it’s not all here: at the beginning of December the cards I order should arrive… ok, too much spoiler now!

Thank you so much to Elisa, Valentina e Lisa for the wonderful ‘in action’ pictures in this post. They’re all smart and positive women that you can find on (in order) Valigia a due piazze, Cucicucicoo and Riciclattoli (and this last one has a gorgeous new website!) – I am so lucky and so well-surronded, thank you girls!

Don’t worry, I won’t forget my stones. Actually, there’s a little green dragon sleeping here next to me that is waiting for his turn to be finally available for adoption…

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